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Aug 31, 2005
Sorry I don't know where else to go with this question. I signed up with Lypha a week ago and their support is not say the least. I tried to cancel my membership with them a week ago and still no mail from them nor any answers on how to change my registered domain name to another webhost. Even after 6 support tickets we are still being ignored even though their policy says we have a 30 day refund gaurantee.

It appears that Lypha registered our domain through but we do not have a membership with them Lypha does. How can I IF POSSIBLE change my DNS to another webhost company?

What can I do when this company refuses to cancel us or instruct us on how to use our domain name..........this is the worst service I have ever paid for online total lack of support and communication.......I am worried they just took our money and now we are going to have to register another domain name.....ANY HELP PLEASE??? :eek:


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Mar 22, 2005
Just some hints how you can make the change..
I guess in your welcome email you should have information regarding how to access the domain control panel..

check whois information of your domain.. if the admin email under administrative details is your personal email adress and then you can request a transfer of domain from another web hosting company. you will get the transfer verification mail..(hope your current host allows transfering of domains by default)

if you want to save the transfer cost,.. then check your welcome email. It should be there
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