Transfer domain to subdomain on new server


Sep 9, 2008
Sumter, SC
Thanx in advance for any help.

As you will see in a moment, I'm below rookie status at this.

I have webpage1 which is hosted by hosting1. I bought webpage2, which is a series of subdomains, and was also hosted by hosting1.

Hosting1 found a partner (hosting2) and sold part of the hosting to them which included webpage1 but not webpage2.

As I said webpage2 is a series of subdomains to which I want to add webpage1, as a subdomain, which will make my life easier and save on additional hosting fees.

I have cPanel for both sites and tried to do a transfer but it did not add the files as a subdomain and screwed up the directory.

I got it cleaned up and am back to the beginning. How do I transfer website1 from hosting2 to hosting1 as a subdomain in website2.

I'm willing to share all the real names and logins if it will help.

I know it's confusing and I hope someone will understand and be able to help.