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Apr 17, 2007
hi when i try to transfer an account i see the next error please help me
Attempting to copy aryapsh from
Trying to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API!
Fetching current backups from remote server......0 backups found...Done
Starting the backup...Done
Waiting for backup to start...Done
Checking remote server for backups.....0 backups found.
Failed to start the backup on the remote machine (if a previous backup is in progress you will need to wait until it is complete)!
(Trace information follows for backup start request)...
(Trace information follows for initial backups)...
(Trace information follows for backups after request started)...
Failed to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API.
Trying to fetch cpmove file via ftp+cgi!
Attempting to login as aryapsh to via ftp
(internal error) Thu Aug 13 01:15:21 2009 [27429] error: Can't call method "login" on an undefined value at /scripts/getremotecpmove line 291.
at /scripts/getremotecpmove line 291
main::fetch_acct_by_ftp_and_http('user', 'aryapsh', 'host',, 'domain', '', 'pass', '__HIDDEN__', 'part', ...) called at /scripts/getremotecpmove line 65

Error while copying account...! Aborting Extraction

This is the error anyone can help me please?


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Jun 5, 2007
The error seems that something with the login , Can you reset the password of the old server and try the same again. (transfer the account using the following WHM transfer option "Copy account from another server with account password" )

Also Confirm /tmp is not full and have enough space


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Apr 7, 2006
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It appears you are using the 'Copy an account from another server with account password' feature. This feature is a last ditch effort to perform the transfer.

If you have access to a cPanel account on the other server you should login directly to that other cPanel server and download a full back. This full backup can then be used by the Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file feature in WHM to restore the account on the local server.

If you have root access to the other server then you should use the 'Copy an account from another server' feature.