Transfer from older version of whm - RESOLVED


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Nov 1, 2003
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I have to transfer a hundred or so accounts from two servers running WHM v86.0.29 to a new server running WHM v90.0.15. Is this not possible? An attempt with what should be correct information, using the Transfer tool on the newer server just results in a generic "Failed to connect error". If I attempt a different address in the transfer tool form (say an IP without SSL at it) I can get a different error that will allow me to proceed without ssl, but advises that the whm versions must match.

If that is the case, is my only option to force install an older version on the new server, do the transfer, then update whm?

Thanks for any input.


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Nov 9, 2001
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The transfer tool needs to connect to the "old" server via SSH. Do you have any restrictions for the two servers to communicate over SSH?

If, not, I'd suggest opening a support ticket with cPanel. V86.0.29 is the current LTS version, so it should be fully supported by cPanel.