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Jun 20, 2005
I am trying to transfer all the data from old server to the new one. I have never done it before.Usually what is the steps for transferring server? I think I should configure nameserver, transfer accounts... But I do not have the complete idea about this. Could anyone show me the common steps?


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Nov 6, 2005

Well first of all, you want to make a list of items that you want on the old server on the new server. Like, should PHP version match, MySQL versions, Stats and so on. If you are running lets say MySQL 4.1 on the old server and on the new server you are running MySQL 4.0 then you might will run into problems. Or if you are running PHP 5.1.6 on the old server and PHP 4.4.4 on the new server. Big problems. Thats first...

Second transfer accounts from the first server to the second server. I recommend that you do a

right before you start transfering accounts. This will start the backing up of all the accounts on the old server. Then zip all of them up and transfer them to the new server. Mean while once you have finished the backing up of accounts, you want to edit the DNS settings on the old server to forward all traffice to the new server. You should also change your primary nameservers to the new server IPs. Changing nameservers can take anywhere from 10 min to 48 hours. Hence the reaosn you edit the DNS settings on the old server to point to your new server.

Then you install the accounts on the new server and you should be good to go.

O and don't forget to harden up your server and so on.

If you want some one to do this for you, check out Server Magagement from EastSolid and they will do of this for you...