Transfer sites, FTP Backup and Restore


Dec 19, 2004
I have to shift my sites from one server to a new one. I Have WHM for both the servers, the old server does not give me permission to modify my DNS in WHM so I am going to cpanel-backup full site - FTP and send the backup to the new server.

My sites(20) are small each of 10 MB except for one that is 80 MB with mysql database. When I log in to the new server I can see the backup....

Question: how do I recover the database files, Cpanel gives me an option of Restore a Home Backup but my backup file is on the server, how can I upload it again.

Question 2: Will The home full backup have the mysql database backup too.

I can get the SSH Access for sometime on the new server so if there is anything that can be done with SSH please help with the commands as I am new to Linux.

But I know that I can download the file with wget so there should be some command that can upzip the intire backup.

or if you can suggest a way by which I can copy the intire site with DB and mails and get it on the new server when I have the SSH access on the new server.

I will be realy thankful.

Please help.

Thank you once again.