Transfer Tool Overwrite doesn't remove deleted files


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May 6, 2004
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When you transfer an account to a server, and then later you transfer the same account to the server and use the "overwrite" option, it does not delete files from the destination that have been removed from the source. So, for example, the source contains file1.txt and you do a transfer, that file transfers, good. Now, that transfer is not live yet, you are just doing an initial transfer so that the final transfer is faster (because it uses rsync to speed it up). The user deletes file1.txt. Then, you do another transfer with the overwrite option. file1.txt is still on the new server, and does not get deleted. Now, when the new server is live, the user magically sees old files. This is especially bad for emails, as the user now sees all the old emails that they recently deleted.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @jandafields,

The behavior you described is by design in order to ensure files or directories are never unexpectedly deleted during the account transfer process. That said, I definitely understand the potential usefulness of a feature in WHM >> Transfer Tool that "syncs" the account to the destination server from it's state on the source server. I recommend voting and adding feedback to the following feature request if you'd like to see support for this functionality added to to the product:

Account Transfer with resyncronization

In the meantime, manually copying the account's files using the rsync command (and one of it's delete flags) is an alternative that will allow you to sync up the files/directories from the account on the source server.

Thank you.