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Oct 26, 2011
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Background: I'm working on to migrate a cPanel account from shared hosting a to a new VPS. It's a single site account, so purchased Solo license. On WHM's "Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account", I added the old shared hosting cPanel account, and it did it's job in less than half an hour.

Now my questions:

1) When I used the same tool before, it used a create a full backup file on the source server, transfer it to the new one and then restore it, however this time I found that it created only a 325KB backup file on source server but was still able to restore 8GB site on the new server. Is this a new system that I'm not aware of? How exactly did it migrate a large site from such a small backup file?

2) Upon inspection, I found that the database sizes is a bit smaller than source server, so I'm assuming transfer didn't work out 100% OK. Now if I use the "Restore from a local cpmove file" option, will it replace everything on the new account (files/database/emails), or do I need to terminate on the cPanel account first in order to use this option?

Thanks for reading, hoping to hear from the lovely cPanel staff.


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Oct 18, 2021
Houston, TX
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Hello! I can't think of any reason why the backup size would have such a discrepancy. Additionally, there are likely transfer or restore logs available to see if there were errors, or if any database tables didn't migrate.

I believe it would be best to open a ticket, however, so our team can investigate. Could you open one using the link in my signature and update me with the ticket ID so I can investigate?