Transfered accounts get self-signed certificate?


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Aug 19, 2014
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Hi Support,

We're moving accounts from one CPanel server to another. When the account gets moved, it turns on the self-signed certificate for the account. And because it's on a shared server, it messes up some of the customers. So we turned off the auto ssl feature on Manage Auto SSL. But it seems it still does it for some reason. Are we missing something here?

Right now we removed SSL on any accounts that doesn't need them and has not static ip. It's just a pain that we have to check Manage Host SSL to see if there's an account that got assigned the self-signed certificate.

Any thoughts?


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Nov 14, 2017
This is a tweak setting which can be managed at WHM>>Server Configuration>>Tweak Settings

You'd want to disable the following:

Generate a self signed SSL certificate if a CA signed certificate is not available when setting up new domains.
When you create a new domain, cPanel will apply the best available certificate (CA signed); otherwise cPanel will apply a self-signed SSL certificate and request a new certificate via AutoSSL if it is enabled. Warning: If you disable this option, and a CA signed certificate is not available, when a user attempts to visit the newly created domain over https, the user will see the first SSL certificate installed on that IP address. Warning: If you enable this option and do not have a CA signed certificate or AutoSSL enabled, Google search results may point to the SSL version of the site with a self-signed certificate, which will generate warnings in the users’ browser. To avoid both of these concerns, we strongly recommend that you enable AutoSSL.