Transfering accounts, need help asap please


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Mar 31, 2002
hi, i tryied to transfer an account with WHM transfer accounts option, but failing 5 times, this is the error that i get.
Maybe the accounts is too big 500 Mb, dunno....

Tarball copy ok!
Extracting tarball....Done
Extracting Domain....Done
Sorry, the copy failed. Unable to find the cpanel user file

This is the last message and after that stop.

Please, any help will be apreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Apr 3, 2002
I had the same problem on a couple of large accounts when I recently transferred to a dedicated server. The problem seems to be that the site you are transferring from does not have enough free drive space in the /tmp directory to finish creating the tarballs properly.

If you have shell access at the old server type df -v at the command line to see how much space is available in /tmp (or just / if there's no /tmp partitioned). That's the largest size your tarball can be to transfer without a problem. In my experience, only about 70% of that value was good.

Here's how I worked around it:

1. Create a full-site backup in Cpanel for the site. This backup apparently doesn't use the /tmp directory in building the tarball so as long as there is enough free space on your host's home partition, you should be okay.

2. Use ftp or wget from your new server to transfer the backup from the old machine.

3. Rename the tarball to cpmove-username

4. Try /scripts/restorpkg username (if this works, it will re-create the account for you on the new machine and you're done.)

If it fails go to step 5 (all of mine failed, so don't get discouraged)

5. Extract the tarball and *MAKE SURE IT'S COMPLETE!* Let it use the default directory name of cpmove-username.

6. Delete the public_html directory of the site at the old server you want to transfer from or, if most of the space is used by a couple of large files or directories, just delete them.

7. Use the transfer function in WHM to copy the much smaller account over. This will grab your databases, email accounts, etc. and save you a lot of headache.

8. After the transfer is complete, move the public_html directory from your cpmove-username backup directory into the client's directory or use the backup to replace whatever directories or files you deleted.

9. You're done! Depending on whether or not the old site will be visible on the internet for a while, you may want to ftp the files you deleted back.

Hope that helps!


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Mar 31, 2002
thanks drose25

thanx drose25, but i thought if have any way to increase the tmp or / available space, that will be do more easy all the work, actually in this specific case, the problem is not the dbase or mails, the client have 600 mb of files in the public_html.

Darkorb, any solution for this ? the &transfer function& is usefull for big accounts, with the litle accounts we can do the transfer via ftp, so if we cant transfer really big accounts that option is not very usefull.

Thanks in advance, and drose25, i really apreciate your post, thanx again !
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