Transfering Sites/Servers bugs


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Mar 22, 2008
Everyone here, and even cPanel suggest that in order to move servers, the best procedures is to use an IP, transfer sites, and then update the IP on the new server.

I don´t think this is done from experience, but rather its just mentioned technically what would need to be done.

I have hard bad experiences with this procedure before, for the single reason that when you change IPs, on a WHM server, it updates all DNS records and configurations on accounts. There is no way to avoid this. At least I could not found a setting.

Last time I moved a server, the same thing happen, when moving account, DNS records are updated by cPanel to match the new IPs, then you need to update this again, this creates a mess, and even if you do it fast, you get issues with propagation, because DNS records where changed.

Is there a way to change the main IP of a server without cPanel updating its internal configuration?

Since a new server would have exactly the same configuration, IPs, and DNS records, nothing should be changed by WHM, not in the old server, not in the new one, and not when transferring accounts.

Is there some setting missing in WHM to force it not to update this?