Transferring all accounts from 1 WHM account to another without root access


Oct 21, 2012
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I’ve currently got a reseller account with Host Gator with 26 accounts and 38 websites on those accounts and I’ve just got a new account with another hosting company, (with WHM & cPanel). I’m wanting to move all the accounts and sites from my Host Gator account to my new account, can anybody point me at a step by step guide how I can do this please.

I’ve tried doing a full backup of my cPanel account, but all that’s doing by the look of it is backing up only the sites on my personal cPanel account, not all the other accounts and sites.

I haven’t got root access to either server, so it seems that I can’t migrate the accounts using the built in script, so how do I go about this?

From what I've been finding, I'm dreading doing this as much as I would having a wisdom tooth surgically extracted without an anesthetic.

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Apr 11, 2011
Re: Transferring all accounts from 1 WHM account to another without root ac

Hello :)

You can create a full backup via the cPanel of each account on the source server. The "Backup Wizard" option can be used, and is documented at:

Backup Wizard

You will have to generate a full backup for each account that you want to move to the destination server. Then, upload these backup files to the destination server so your web hosting provider can restore them.

Thank you.