Transferring email accounts to a new DNS


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Sep 23, 2010
Hi guys,
I have to transfer an entire web site from one server to another and was wondering how best to go about keeping the existing email accounts with minimal disruption. Never had to do this before so a little anxious!
I have root access to WHM and cPanel.

Thanks for any advice.


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Nov 29, 2006
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If you have root access to both servers and both are running cPanel&WHM, you can use the built-in Transfer an Account from Another Server screen in WHM. If you choose to, it can point the DNS records on the old server to the new server. During the transfer process, mail is queued for delivery to the new server (if DNS is set to be updated on the source server) after the transfer is complete. During the transfer, the customer will just see a screen (which can be customized via WHM) about their website being migrated if they attempt to visit their website during the actual transfer process.