Transferring Hosting Customers


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Nov 21, 2017
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Sorry to bother you but I was hoping someone could just review what we intend to do and give me reassurance that we've got everything covered.

We have recently inherited another host's server and we want to move all of the customer sites on that server, on to our own existing server.

My plan is:
  1. Add 'old server' name servers to the 'new server'
  2. Transfer all customer sites from 'old server' to 'new server' using the cPanel Transfer Tool
  3. Change the name servers ( and to point to the 'new server' IP addresses
  4. Disable sites on 'old server' and then decommission server in a few days

I'm planning on doing this way because we do not have access to all of the customers' domain names and so we cannot update the domains with the 'new server' name servers.

My only concern is the propagation time. Is there anything I should do on the 'old server' so that I can redirect traffic from it to the new one immediately? Is there a server-wide change or would I have to do this on each domain?

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards