Transferring sites without the use of gzip


Feb 20, 2003
We are faced with an issue of an overloaded server (we inherited so don't flame! hehe)

We are wanting to move accounts from this server to another for obvious reasons. We have also been faced with similar situations before, and have concluded the following.

For us, bandwidth is cheaper than resources. We'd prefer an option to where we can package/transfer sites without the use of gzip. This would cause less load on the aforementioned server.

Has anyone hacked up pkgacct and restorepkg to do this?

I have put in a bugzilla about this a while back, but i forgot the number (my own fault, ill find it again) and was wondering what cPanels stance on this was as well.

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
Could be tricky. The easy part is removing the gzip options from the tar command(s) in /scripts/pkgacct in the section:

print "Creating Archive ....";

The problem is that the restore is done through the closed-source WHM binary which will expect a gzipped tarball at the other end. What you could conceivably do is to modify pkgacct to create a non-gzipped tarball (i.e. a .tar file) then copy that to the new server and gzip it into a tar.gz file and then restorepkg it.

Other than that, you're possibly in cPanel's hands through bugzilla.


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Mar 12, 2004
How about making the backup incremental and tarballing it yourself with a script?