In Progress Transparent Contact Menu in Roundcube Elastic [CPANEL-33911]


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Jun 4, 2009
We've had a few complaints about this issue. Is there any update on this in the 3 months since CPANEL-33911 was logged?

From our own testing we've found the cPanel internal Apache(?) serving webmaild is changing the content of the bootstrap-cpanel.min.css file in the elastic skin directory when served.

The 'on the fly' editing changes quotation marks and double backslashes around any 'url(data...' entries in the bootstrap-cpanel.min.css file.

This appears to be the root cause of the .css issues (and transparency) in Elastic skin.


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Oct 19, 2014
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I did confirm this issue is still happening and have made our development team aware of additional reports on the issue, such as this post. I don't have any other updates or resolutions to provide at this time though.

I am following along with that case now so I can update this post once there is a fix in place.