Mar 24, 2011
Hi, I'm trying to add a parked domain so that it goes to the same spot as the normal domain. When I added it in cpanel, I chose the same directory (public_html).

Right now, works, but if I go to, I have to add /index.htm for it to load (otherwise it loads defaultwebpage.cgi).

And this is strange too, I created a sub domain for the parked domain, and works! If I visit, it loads defaultwebpage.cgi.

I tried adding A records but sometimes it would say successful then they wouldn't show up in the user-added list at the bottom.

I'm rather new to this, but I do have a little experience. When I registered, I used the same nameservers as


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Oct 2, 2010
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Check in a proxy like or as you are likely cached on your computer and why the isn't working. www and non-www are separate zone entries, so you can be cached to one and not to the other.