Trouble using Secure Copy (SCP) destination when generating a Full Backup


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Aug 21, 2003
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On just one of our cPanel servers, I seem to be having this odd problem. When a customer logs into their cPanel, then chooses Backup Wizard > Full Backup, and selects the "Secure Copy (SCP)" as the destination... the backup looks like it's working, but then the customer will get an email that ends with:

Unable to scp /home/username/backup-2.18.2015_12-26-25_username.tar.gz (please check the host and user foo and password).

The password that you provided is not correct, or the SSH key is not permitted access. (unable to create ctl_dir /home/username/.libnet-openssh-perl: )
In looking in /home/username, there is no .libnet-openssh-perl directory, but then none of our other servers have this directory in the user's directories either, so I don't think that's the problem.

I have found a few discussions online regarding the "unable to create ctl_dir /home/username/.libnet-openssh-perl" error, but short of manually creating that directory, I don't see the real longterm fix to this.

As a data point, we can do full backups via scp from our other cPanel ervers to this same backup destination. Only this one cPanel server is giving this error.

A push in the right direction would be appreciated!

- Scott


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

First, check the quota of the account to make sure it's not reaching the quota limit during the backup process. Also, if you are using CSF/LFD, try temporarily disabling LFD during the backup process, as I've seen it prevent the SCP transfer in another reported case of this issue.

Thank you.