Trouble with auto responder

Oct 26, 2011
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I have a customer who is using our server. She recently purchased a new domain, and I set that up as her primary. She then parked her old one, and re-created her old email address.

She then tried setting up an auto responder to let her contacts know her email has changed.

Problem is, it's not working.

I have manually tried setting it up myself several times.

I have checked her .autoresponder directory, and she has two files, with what im seeing from searching google being the correct information in it, and correct permissions (owner and group are both her, and chmod is 0644)

Checking the exim_mainlog I see:

66515:2012-09-24 15:55:13 1TGB05-00047m-7Q => |/usr/local/cpanel/bin/autorespond <email>@<domain>.com /home/<user>/.autorespond (<email>@<domain>.com ) <<email>@<domain>.com > R=virtual_aliases_nostar T=virtual_address_pipe

Now this puzzles me a small amount, as when I search google it appears like there should be a little bit more after the address pipe, but it is not expressly erroring.

Is this the source of the problem? and if so how do I go about fixing it?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Could you submit a ticket about the issue? Normally, you'd exigrep the email address in /var/log/exim_mainlog to get the full exim routing transaction. Since we cannot test the issue here due to not knowing the actual email address, it's best to submit a ticket using WHM > Support Center > Contact cPanel or using the link in my signature.

If you could post the ticket number here afterward for tracking purposes, that would be appreciated.