Alex Gill

Jul 14, 2014
Marquette, Michigan, United States
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Hey Everyone,

I am trying to redirect a certain page within a domain. I have been trying to use the redirect tool, when choosing the domain to redirect I have two options. One being the All Public Domains and the other being the I have done redirects for both and then using / box to enter the specific section of the page I wish to direct.

When I Google search to ensure it correctly redirects, the Google search shows the page does not redirect. However, when going through the hosting webpage and click on the link, it will redirect to the site in which I need it to.

The best I can figure is that on the redirect it shows the redirect as or **All Public Domains**. The Google search shows the URL that is not redirecting as

So what I am really looking to do is to make sure my redirects to my new page.

Thanks for everything.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, this seems more like an issue associated with Google's search results rather than the redirect itself. You may want to investigate and see if any particular redirect methods are required for Google to index your page the way that you prefer.

Thank you.