Mar 11, 2005

Ok; I've been scratching my head with this for the past few weeks.

I use a central account manager that I've custom coded to perform all the tasks my clients need but there's one thing missing... A log in for cPanel (What should have been the easy bit!)

I can populate a URL and log users in by-passing the HTTP_AUTH box; but that's no good anymore thanks to Microsoft publishing the SP2 URL fix which does not allow a URL to include a username/password combo.

I need to effectively push a username and password into the user's browser via PHP; JavaScript is not an option due to the clientele I deal with... It must be transparent.

I've got cURL to login to cPanel and display the index page without issue; but as soon as the user clicks a link; up pops the HTTP_AUTH.

Has anyone suceeded in pushing this data like the "xfercpanel" feature does in WHM?


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Jul 16, 2004

Works fine for me, I am on XP SP2 and when I click a link like that I can login to cPanel with no issues or errors.

Alternatively there is a configuration setting to disable HTTP Authenication within WHM.

`Tweak Settings` >> Look for `System` >> [checkbox] Disable Http Authentication for cPanel/WebMail/WHM Logins (forces cookie authentication)

This may help you out.