Trying to Send Email from a PHP Script


Dec 5, 2013
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Mail forms have been working and providing a valuable function on my websites for many years - that is until I migrated to cPanel @GoDaddy.

I've investigated* edited, reloaded, php.ini settings. Effectiveness is easily verified by the php function phpinfo() placed in body of an otherwise empty php file. Within the resulting 'CORE' parameters are locations of the program 'sendmail' and it's parameters -t -i for a linux server.

However GoDaddy refuses to provide that sendmail program as a part of it's cPanel host servers, telling me I must "write my own code" instead as ?they? do not write code. OK

But I know from 3 days of reading posts, that 'sendmail' is provided at other host providers using do I get a copy and install it?

Incidently, /usr/sbin/, where sendmail is normally installed, is below my level of permission as a webmeister/moneyman is the level just below public_html.

Godaddy's suggestion is for me to migrate back from cPanel to the server where I came from after 3 weeks of fixes to resume normality. Meanwhile I'm not the only one with this problem and I know there is always an answer.

Help - I have other things to do besides fixing what shouldn't be broken - suggestions please.

*Also see same-ish thread by gecasti


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Unfortunately, we have no control over what limitations your hosting provider chooses to implement. You may want to try using the "Mail" functionality with PHP. You can search for "PHP mail test script" on a search engine and you should receive several examples of how to send out emails via PHP.

Thank you.