TUTORIAL: How to install SVN on CentOS w/ cPanel (no need to recompile Apache)


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Oct 20, 2006
Cheshire, UK
I found this tutorial while trying to install SVN and it works spot on. Note you don't need to recompile Apache to get this to work.

It downloads SubVersion via YUM and installs everything along with all the dependancies. The website features an init script to start SubVersion when the server reboots too.

You need root access to run through this tutorial.

A quick note for the init script, it downloads from the website via Firefox or IE with incorrect quotes. You'll need to copy the script into a text editor, such as Edit Plus, and replace all double-quotes with " as the ones used in the script as actually symbols. I tried to copy it straight into PICO and it replaced them all with dots and didn't work.

Give it a try though, it really does work a treat!