Tweak Settings Locked / High loads


Dec 6, 2012
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Hi All,

Following a recent RAM upgrade to one of our CPanel servers, we are now experiencing massive loads during certain WHM tasks causing http to get reduced to a crawl. Another symptom of this problem is that Tweak Settings appears to be locked with the following message: In order to prevent conflicts, Tweak Settings may not be altered while a cPanel & WHM® update is in progress.

The RAM has been checked, as has the chassis, and all are fine. We have scheduled FSCK to run this evening, but was looking for some advice as to how to avoid a rebuild if possible - the sites front-ended on this server are high availability.

Any advice would be really appreciated!




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Mar 22, 2008
Why don´t you take the ram off the server again and see if the problem goes away? Maybe its not the RAM that is bad, but maybe its causing conflicts with another hardware, like another ram stick, or the motherboard.

Easy solution would be to leave the server like it was before the upgrade, and if the problem is gone, then you probably know what is going wrong. It the problem persist, maybe something was damaged in the server while doing the upgrade, not sure. Its hard to tell without looking at what is actually causing the load.

Or it may just be a huge coincidence, because something went wrong in the software after the upgprade.