SOLVED Two cPanel Accounts - Full Admin Access


Aug 24, 2017
Ontario, Canada
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I am new to cPanel and WHM. I have a server that is only going to be me using it, no one will have access. I have created two cPanel accounts one for each of my domains.

I need domain to have root access to make changes to; is just a shell so that the hosting company I am with can install SSL for each domains.

If try to write a file or pass over an image to /home/xyz/public_html/ from within the other account I do not have access.

Option One
Can I give it access and full control? And if I do will this remain there if I make cPanel changes and upgrades?

This would be the easiest option; but if I cannot do this can I setup option two?

Option Two
Leave the cPanels as they are and create a virtual host include to redirect traffic to a section on the server where I do have access?