Two factor authentication with Google Authenticator Delay issues


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Dec 19, 2015
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I have enabled Two factor authentication for WHM and for 8 months everything runs smoothly. However the last couple of months I have noticed that my Android phone app (Google Authenticator) is not "synced" with WHM meaning that when the app issues a code WHM is back two cycles. This means that I have to remember the security code then wait for another two codes to be issued and finally type the first code in WHM.

Is there any way to sync again my WHM and Google Authenticator? Last month WHM was one cycle back but this month it is two cycles back. So what will happen next month, or 6 months later? If this continues I may have to wait more and more to login to WHM plus it is very stressful because it gives the feeling that I got locked out from WHM. I also have tried to reconfigure it but it doesn't change anything. Any ideas? I have the latest Google Authenticator from Play store