Two FTP accounts created (cPanel bug?)...


Jan 12, 2009
Kirkenes, Norway
When I create a new FTP account where the account username contain one or more upper case letters, I've noticed that TWO FTP accounts are being created.

Let's say I'm creating a new FTP account with the account login name "[email protected]<mydomain>" and with the account quota set to 100 MB.

Then, the following TWO new accounts appear under FTP accounts:
[email protected]<mydomain>
[email protected]<mydomain>

The first account with the account name shown as typed is created as an anonymous FTP account with the quota set to 100 MB.
The second account shown with all lower case is created as a regular FTP account, but have unlimited (i.e. "None") quota.

Additionally, I get an error message if try to delete the FTP account created as an anonymous account, but when deleting the FTP account created as a regular account, BOTH accounts are then deleted simultaneously...