Two MySQL Issues: Priveleges and InnoDB


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I'm experiencing an odd error when trying to update MySQL users in cPanel. No matter what I do, every user is always granted all privileges. I'm not sure if it's cPanel itself or my host. I posted a thread on their support forums a while ago, yet the issue is still not resolved.

Another problem is that, according to the administrator in this thread, cPanel does not support InnoDB tables in MySQL. I am confused on this issue, as the only control over MySQL that I have in cPanel are users and databases, not tables. I control the tables via phpMyAdmin.

I would like to know if either of these issues are cPanel-related and whether or not these problems can be rectified. Thanks in advance.


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Sep 12, 2004
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cPanel does not disable the support of InnoDB tables, but they may enter the skip-innodb into their mysql config. Because of some stresses of InnoDB, I disable it by default on my servers.

You can always use a remote MySQL host or find a host that does offer the support of InnoDB tables.