Two views of cPanel - admin and user?


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Mar 25, 2002
IMHO most users of cPanel are seeing way too many icons. Most of them don't touch anything except Mail and Web/Ftp stats, and indeed might be a danger to themselves if they did (e.g. MySQL dbs).

So I know that we can edit the cPanel script/skin to remove all the icons that we don't want to show to cPanel users. (Forgotten where/how right now - but know it can be done!)

But my question is: is it possible to have two (or more) views or access to cPanel? An admin view would of course see all, whereas a user / customer would see a restricted list? Taking this idea one stage further, you could split your customers into two groups - basic and advanced, and tailor each group's cPanel view accordingly.

Comments? Perhaps this is a wishlist request?