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Sep 20, 2012
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Hello there

I'm doing some tests on Ubuntu and when I want to create a custom profile and compile on easyapache 4, I see an error.

“/usr/bin/apt-get” reported error code “100” when it ended: w/ /usr/bin/apt-get autoremove --quiet --yes -o Dpkg::Options='--force-confdef' -o Dpkg::Options='--force-confold' --purge ea-apache24-mod-cgi*- ea-apache24-mod-mpm-prefork*- ea-apache24-mod-ruid2*- ea-php74-php-soap+ ea-apache24-mod-suphp+ ea-apache24-mod-usertrack+ ea-php80-php-intl+ dictionaries-common+ ea-php74-php-exif+ ea-php73-php-xmlrpc+ ea-php74-php-fileinfo+ aspell-en+ ea-php74-php-intl+ ea-php80-php-fileinfo+ ea-php80-php-exif+ ea-php80-php-soap+ libaspell15+ ea-apache24-mod-suexec+ ea-apache24-mod-buffer+ ea-apache24-mod-authn-socache+ ea-php74-php-ioncube10+ ea-apache24-mod-cgid+ ea-php73-php-zip+ ea-php80-php-tidy+ ea-php73-php-bz2+ ea-php74-php-gmp+ ea-apache24-mod-asis+ ea-apache24-mod-cache+ ea-php73-php-enchant+ ea-apache24-mod-speling+ ea-apache24-mod-auth-digest+ ea-php73-php-gettext+ ea-php74-php-tidy+ hunspell-en-us+ ea-php80-php-gmp+ libenchant1c2a+ ea-apache24-mod-cache-disk+ ea-apache24-mod-charset-lite+ ea-apache24-mod-file-cache+ ea-apache24-mod-authnz-ldap+ ea-apache24-mod-cache-socache+ ea-apache24-mod-version+ ea-php73-php-soap+ emacsen-common+ ea-php73-php-exif+ ea-php74-php-xmlrpc+ ea-php73-php-fileinfo+ ea-apache24-mod-ext-filter+ ea-apache24-mod-ldap+ ea-apache24-mod-mpm-event+ ea-php73-php-intl+ ea-apache24-mod-vhost-alias+ ea-apache24-mod-authz-owner+ libtidy5deb1+ ea-apache24-mod-dbd+ ea-apache24-mod-env+ libhunspell-1.7-0+ ea-php73-php-ioncube10+ ea-apr-util-ldap+ enchant+ ea-php74-php-zip+ ea-php80-php-gettext+ ea-php80-php-enchant+ ea-php74-php-bz2+ ea-php73-php-gmp+ ea-php73-php-tidy+ ea-apache24-mod-remoteip+ ea-apache24-mod-dav+ ea-php74-php-gettext+ ea-php80-php-zip+ ea-php74-php-enchant+ ea-php80-php-bz2+ aspell+ ea-apache24-mod-mime-magic+
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Package 'ea-apache24-mod-cgid' is not installed, so not removed
Suggested packages:
aspell-doc spellutils hunspell |
The following packages will be REMOVED:
ea-apache24-mod-cgi* ea-apache24-mod-mpm-prefork* ea-apache24-mod-ruid2*
The following NEW packages will be installed:
aspell aspell-en dictionaries-common ea-apache24-mod-asis
ea-apache24-mod-auth-digest ea-apache24-mod-authn-socache
ea-apache24-mod-authnz-ldap ea-apache24-mod-authz-owner
ea-apache24-mod-buffer ea-apache24-mod-cache ea-apache24-mod-cache-disk
ea-apache24-mod-cache-socache ea-apache24-mod-cgid
ea-apache24-mod-charset-lite ea-apache24-mod-dav ea-apache24-mod-dbd
ea-apache24-mod-env ea-apache24-mod-ext-filter ea-apache24-mod-file-cache
ea-apache24-mod-ldap ea-apache24-mod-mime-magic ea-apache24-mod-mpm-event
ea-apache24-mod-remoteip ea-apache24-mod-speling ea-apache24-mod-suexec
ea-apache24-mod-suphp ea-apache24-mod-usertrack ea-apache24-mod-version
ea-apache24-mod-vhost-alias ea-apr-util-ldap ea-php73-php-bz2
ea-php73-php-enchant ea-php73-php-exif ea-php73-php-fileinfo
ea-php73-php-gettext ea-php73-php-gmp ea-php73-php-intl
ea-php73-php-ioncube10 ea-php73-php-soap ea-php73-php-tidy
ea-php73-php-xmlrpc ea-php73-php-zip ea-php74-php-bz2 ea-php74-php-enchant
ea-php74-php-exif ea-php74-php-fileinfo ea-php74-php-gettext
ea-php74-php-gmp ea-php74-php-intl ea-php74-php-ioncube10 ea-php74-php-soap
ea-php74-php-tidy ea-php74-php-xmlrpc ea-php74-php-zip ea-php80-php-bz2
ea-php80-php-enchant ea-php80-php-exif ea-php80-php-fileinfo
ea-php80-php-gettext ea-php80-php-gmp ea-php80-php-intl ea-php80-php-soap
ea-php80-php-tidy ea-php80-php-zip emacsen-common enchant hunspell-en-us
libaspell15 libenchant1c2a libhunspell-1.7-0 libtidy5deb1
The following held packages will be changed:
0 upgraded, 71 newly installed, 3 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
E: Held packages were changed and -y was used without --allow-change-held-packages.

Often errors like this can be resolved by running `apt update`

Provision process finished.


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Oct 18, 2021
Houston, TX
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Basically, dpkg has a state called "hold" which denotes packages you don't want the system to upgrade, even if a newer version is available. This state can only be set manually. You can run the following command to see all packages in this state.

dpkg -l|grep ^h
You may want to confer with a systems administrator if you're unsure how to fix this issue with held packages. While not affiliated with cPanel, I found a guide here that may help you with this.



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Sep 20, 2012
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Thank you for the answer.

I detected the problem.

When I want to use mpm_event for Apache, the mod-cgi module needs to be removed, but apt-get does not allow it. When I want to use mpm_prefork, the compilation process is completed. As far as I understand, ubuntu does not support mpm_event, can a case be opened about this issue or is this problem caused by ubuntu?