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Feb 21, 2018
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Ubuntu LTS
In Version 98, we will be launching the ability to install cPanel & WHM on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. This will be an unsupported preview release that will allow customers to get a glimpse of how our product will work on this new operating system offering.
In version 100, we will be launching full production support for cPanel & WHM running on Ubuntu LTS 20.04.

Just wondering when we get to this point for full support, will we be able to transfer accounts from centos 7 to ubuntu LTS 20.04 and all features like php mysql database or MariaDB, and other extensions? will be practically the same so we can just transfer sites over and they should just work? or will that be a pain in the --- ?

I know we are far away from full support but just to have an option vs almalinux8?
or best to just stick with Almalinux 8 setup a new server / vps and install cPanel / WHM and transfer that way - since it is pretty much the same as centos 7

I wanted to test out Alamlinux 8 vs centos 7 and see how it is with cPanel /WHM and a couple sites.

or do I wait for ubuntu?

Thanks for your replies in advance and as always I hope you are all doing well and staying Healthy :)

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Jun 9, 2020
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Yes I believe once Ubuntu will be fully supported you will be able to transfer sites just like between any other cPanel server however please note that most certainly you won't be able to convert CentOS 7 OS to Ubuntu even if it becomes ready for production!
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