UI bug found when compressing files in filemanager


Mar 28, 2011
Within the file manager, there is a real possibility someone could "accidentally" delete a large number of site files if not careful.

If you attempt to compress files within your site, and change the name of the yet-to-be outputted compressed file, striking the delete key will prompt the user if they want to delete all of the files they are trying to compress. If a user is careless and simply hits enter, a lot of data loss could occur.

This could likely be solved by simply stopping key stroke events from propagating outside of the the popup window.

We are currently using cPanel & WHM build 11.28 for linux

Steps to reproduce:

Open file manager from cPanel.
Select a number of files within a site.
Choose "Compress" from icon menu at top.
Change the name for the to-be-outputted file by using the delete key to remove the pre-filled name
View the dialog box that is shown prompting to confirm file deletion.


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Oct 2, 2010
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If you believe this to be a bug rather than a feature, please report this as a bug using the link at the top of the forum or at http://go.cpanel.net/bugs

The feature request area is for changes in functionality to the existing product or adding new services to our product. Bugs are functions that are not working properly or can inherently harm something in the product due to the existing design.


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I spoke with our UI team lead, and he believes this should be filed as a bug. See Tristan's post for how to submit a file report.

I am moving this out of the Feature Request forums now.