Mar 11, 2008
Am pretty new to this and very naive about websites. Am using cpanel 11 provided by the host...I easily installed joomla 1.0.15 using fantastico and works perfect. since there's no option to install joomla 1.5 via fantistico, I manually removed 1.0.15 from public root as well as mysql database, then i created a new database name and user and upload 1.5 in public root, when i open my site it takes me to installation check but after entering all details such as host details, user name, password and database name. It shows error ..":confused:unable to connect to mysql..the number was returned by the host" am totally lost and confused. I've tried for about 2 days but cant get to no choice but install back 1.0.15.

I desperately need help here as the template I wanna use supports only joomla 1.5.

Thanks in advance.:


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Sep 19, 2007
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What hostname are you using when you try to install Joomla? Make sure to use localhost if the database is on the same server.

Also remember that the names/logins of a database are user_dbname or user_username


Feb 18, 2008
Having exactly the same problem, as I am on a dedicated server, when I login from my main site to the development it tells me I am logged in as root so I then log out and log back in, but when I tried to install joomla with the desktop installation, it cannot connect to mysql server and I am using database name eg develda_joomla1 and joomla1 is the database name, and also when I have to use username is that root or is that the user username and pword.
Hope this hasnt confused things as I am confused.

Also I have updated the cpanel to the new x3 but now all the database tables run in together in the cpanel, when I check them in the WHM they are in a nice neat row but in the cpanel both my development and live site have all the tables run across the page into each other.



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Feb 28, 2007
If you created the DB for the user develda you will use the same prefix for the username as for the db. You will also need to create that username and password and then assign them to the DB develda_Joomla1 before you can access.


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May 27, 2006
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Scroll down...

Do not use PHP 4.3.9, PHP 4.4.2 or PHP 5.0.4; these releases have known bugs that will interfere with the installation of Joomla! There was also an issue with the Zend Optimizer Version 2.5.10 for PHP 4.4.x. You should ask your host to upgrade to a later release as soon as possible where applicable.
If you experience problems with Joomla! on other versions of these source server programs please take the time to check out the changelogs for your particular version, as there are often good indicators of the likely cause of issues. If there is a particular problem identified you need to notify your Host provider and encourage them to update the affected program


Jun 13, 2007

check the database user privilege. check whether you can access the database from shell.
mysql -u username -p


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Jan 2, 2004
One of my clients is seeing a simular issue. This is our problem.

1) Created an addon domain (account has this ability)
2) used Fantastico to install Wordpress
3) After fantastico install completes sucessfully it produces an error when visiting the site. "Error establishing a database connection". Since fantastico setup the DB and the DB User and the password I can only assume they are right.

But I have also gone and removed the user DB user account and created it again with a shorter password and then edited the wordpress conf file to reflect this change. Still no access.

As suggested above I can connect to mysql from the command line with the username and password. I can even do a DB dump from the command line of the specific mysql database.


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Dec 28, 2001
any advice on how to execute this script?
SSH into the server as the root user, then type the command exactly as listed above and press enter/return. Make sure you're doing this as root.

Most of the time the error in this thread is due to bad access credentials. It's likely that the user trying to access MySQL is not granted privileges to access the specific database you are trying to connect to.

Usually the following commands will fix this when logged into SSH as the cPanel user:

#mysql -u cpuser -p
#GRANT ALL on databasename.* TO 'user'@'hostname' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
You need to replace the following variables:

cpuser - your cPanel username
databasename - name of the Joomla database
user - username to access the Joomla database (in Joomla configuration file)
hostname - typically 'localhost' unless MySQL is running on a remote server, if it is, the hostname of that remote server
password - password for user