SOLVED Unable to expand account disk quota

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CENTOS 6.10 [bh-14]
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Oct 31, 2020
Saudi Arabia
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Reseller Owner
EDIT: ISSUE SOLVED. Turns out the entire server had reached its quota limit. I deleted a few testing accounts to free up some space and then managed to increase my accounts quota just by changing its package. Thanks! Original post below.

Hello. I run a website on my brother's reseller. Today I wanted to upload and restore a home directory backup that exceeded the remaining quota in size so I tried to expand the account's quota, but couldn't find any way to do so.
  • Under List Accounts, I clicked on the arrow next to my website's account to display options but didn't find the "Change Quota" button. Only "Change Plan" and "Terminate Account" are there. I searched far and wide across my WHM interface but didn't find any options whatsoever for directly modifying quotas.
  • I tried to change the package instead, which had been set to "default". There were two packages, one that's effectively a downgrade, but was marked in green, and one that was an upgrade but was marked in red. I tried to change to the red one but got this error: "Sorry you may not create any more accounts with the package [package name]"
  • I created a brand new package and set its disk quota at about 5GB, but it was also marked in red and caused the same error.
  • I changed to the green package, then modified it so that its quota would be 5GB. Although my changes were saved, the website's effective quota was shrunk down to 1.2 GB and has been stuck there despite me trying to modify the package's quota limit numerous times.
After checking out the documentation and looking around the WHM for over an hour, I finally gave up. What am I doing wrong?
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