Unable to fetch GET or POST - CentOS 7 + cPanel 90.0.17 + Apache2 + Passenger 6.0.6 + Node.js 10 + Express.js + React


Nov 17, 2020
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Root Administrator
we have a problem with some distribuite applications behind Phusion Passenger Apache module.
App React frontend communicate with Nodejs Express based api backend on a subdomain (ex app1.test.io) and all works (good), but if Nodejs backend try to connect another backend on another subdomain (ex app2.test.io/api/get-express-api) receive if set get method error "bad request" else if set post method receive "bad gateway".
We have tested (and it works in localhost testing environment ad apache and mod_proxy in production) to fetch with request, http-proxy-middleware, express-http-proxy and node-fetch Nodejs module with same results.
Backend to backend cannot make a request. We have set app.disable('x-powered-by') in Nodejs Express applications and in the headers recevie X-Powered-By Phusion Passenger 6.0.6 with status code and message. No logs report this errors.