Unable to find ip address via Reseller Account


Mar 10, 2004
CPanel: Unable to find ip address via Reseller Account

*** Wow!

I have searched for hours on the net for the answer I figured out after trial and error.

The error of "unable to find an ip address" is very misleading in this root cause solution.

When a reseller creates a new account, they are receiving the following:

WWWAcct 8.0 by J. Nick Koston

Using Delegated Ips List!

Unable to find an ip address

*** Here is the solution:

1) Be sure there is sharable ip for the reseller
2) If your restricting the reseller to a group of IP Address's make sure there are available IP's for them.

If 1 and 2 check out OK, here is the root cause:

The reseller has not "YET" created any packages, and they did not pick a package (due to the fact there are none) when they attempted to create a account. The above error of "Unable to find an ip address" is a bit misleading.

Final Solution:

Create packages, assign to account and all works as it should.

Funny, I could not find anything on this issue, searching via the above error string. It took a few hours of trial and error to come up with this fix.

Dave Safley


Mar 21, 2004

Thanks for the helpful post. I just had the same problem after creating 3 accounts without error. Creating new packages fixed the problem. I also was surprised this problem and answer was not easily available after doing a few searches at the cpanel site. Anyways, I'm glad I found this forum, and especially your post.

thanks again!


Mar 10, 2004
Sure no problem....

I spent many hours over such a basic thing.

I guess I never looked at that being a issue as when you have it on Auto Assign, it works.

Also the error message really tossed me for a loop.

I assume many do not encounter this issue as perhaps they always have built there packages first ( as I should have done that ) but I figured I need to get this fixed prior to moving forward.


Glad to help!

Take care...

Dave Safley


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Mar 17, 2004
Unable to find ip address

What you found so far on this issue is really useful. I appreciate it..! But it was not helpful for me. The ip was shared and it was working for other resellers who use the same ip. And the most interesting thing was that WHM didn't show any errors when i created a new package and used it for the client.

The cause of this issue was very simple. When he created packages, the bandwidth limit he entered in digits separated by comma, like in 2,000. I changed it to digits only and it was fixed. :D Sometimes, WHM shows really misleading error messages as you told before.


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Jan 22, 2005
Also some issues with spaces in package names

I also just found out that if the package name has a space in it, /scripts/wwwact will return the "Unable to find IP address error".

This was perplexing me for a bit and I totally understand everyone else who has needed to figure things out when only being given such a meaningless error.

I was trying to create accounts remotely as root and, after following all the suggestions in this thread I was still stuck.

As I was trying to create accounts as root, there was no way I could check that the relevant reseller had any or enough IPs available and I took extra special care to ensure that the relevant package exists in WHM and was not created to use a dedicated IP - I'm sure of this as I've previously created accounts through WHM without issue!

As a random act of trial and error, I created a duplicate package with only one difference - no space in the package name. This seemed to fix it.

An odd one that I thought worth mentioning incase anyone else gets confused!