Unable to read /etc/quota.conf at /scripts/resetquotas line 23


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Jun 23, 2005
Recently one of our servers suffered a hard disk failure. I copied everything to the new drive except quota.conf. Now, I don't have any access to quota.conf on the old hard drive. How can I reset everyone's quota to their plan's default? I tried modifying an account's quota, it said "The quota has been set to xxx" but when I check the account again, it still says "Unlimited" disk space.

Can anyone help please?


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
There are a couple of issues:

1. Recreate /etc/quota.conf:

The file should be owned by root and chmod 644. Recreate it in the following format:

Where account is the accountname and quota is the value in megabytes.

2. Make sure the OS quotas are actually working

Run /scripts/fixquotas this will check that the OS quotas are running and will also run /scripts/resetquotas which reads the quota.conf file

I'll also attach a perl script that I wrote that will recreate the quota.conf file with the default quotas for the users package so long as they have been set up correctly.