Unable to receive gmail emails


Sep 18, 2019
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The other day I accidently changed the ownership of all the files on the server to a single uid:gid pair and to to make a long story short, it really messed things up on my server.

However I was able to salvage most things with backups and other tactics to the point that all my user account/domains are working again for the most part except for an email issue that's happening.

For some reason gmail emails aren't being received by the server, they seem to be being rejected they are being rejected.

Here's a line in the exim_mainlog:
2019-09-17 23:35:06 TLS error on connection from mail-pl1-f179.google.com []:44368 (SSL_accept): error:20074002:BIO routines:FILE_CTRL:system lib
2019-09-17 23:35:06 SMTP connection from mail-pl1-f179.google.com []:44368 closed by EOF

And the eventual bounce back email to the send looks like this:
TLS Negotiation failed: generic::failed_precondition: starttls error (71): 46848264553928:error:10000458:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:TLSV1_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME:third_party/openssl/boringssl/src/ssl/tls_record.cc:587:SSL alert number 112

I've tried to regenerate the SSL certificate for the EXIM manager and made sure the correction permissions are 0755 but gmail emails are still getting rejected.

Also at this point too I'm unable to connect to the SMTP server to send out with my accounts. I can send through webmail and off the server but I can't send through an external client like Outlook or Thunderbird. The mail log error is pretty much similar to above so I figure these issues are related.

Any help would be much much appreciated.


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Nov 14, 2017
It sounds like there are still some ownership issues and unfortunately, I have no way of knowing where they exist. I'd suggest checking in /usr/, /usr/lib/ and /etc/ for exim specific stuff but there's no guarantee that's the source of the issue or that you won't encounter further issues with something else.

If you are not comfortable performing these actions, I would recommend you work with your system administrator to ensure the integrity of your system. If you do not have a system administrator, you may be able to find assistance at System Administration Services.

Ultimately, the best and safest course of action in situations like these would be to reload the OS and reinstall cPanel then restore from backups.