Unable to remove parked domain from WHM


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Sep 25, 2002
St. Charles, MO
I created a new site with the domain they would eventually move over to the server. motoxcloseouts.com

The server is cpanel.mcgraphics.cc and since the new domain wasn't pointed to the server yet, I parked motox.mcgraphics.cc on this site.

I was unable to do it through the site's cpanel, so I did it through WHM.

Now the domain is pointed there, and I need to remove motox.mcgraphics.cc

It's not listed in the WHM or in the customer's Cpanel in the parked domains, so I can't unpark it. It is listed in the Cpanel when you go to add a new E-mail account.

It's also not listed in the List Subdomains in WHM.

I can edit the files manually, but I need to know which one's to go after.

I would also like to know if I did something wrong to cause this. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but before the software was upgraded to Cpanel 9.9.9-S15

The only other different thing about this site is it has a unique IP, and not on the shared one. I don't remember if I moved it to a new IP befor or after I parked motox.mcgraphics.cc

Any help please.