Unable to setup and connect to server using Putty


Dec 23, 2012
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Hi There,

I have downloaded Putty and have tried several times to connect to the server. I have also searched this forum and found numerous solutions but none work. I have just setup a VPS from being a reseller, I have limited knowledge of WHM so could really do with some pointers.

When connecting to my VPS I recieve this error massage:

2012-12-24 07:41:03 Looking up host ""
2012-12-24 07:41:03 Connecting to port 22
2012-12-24 07:41:08 Server unexpectedly closed network connection is IP address

Its says my server is closing the connection? Is there any configurations I need to check within WHM? Or is there anything I am missing? I have tried a connection using my laptop and still get the error message.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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cPanel does not configure the SSH daemon at all. (We refer to SSH, not PuTTY, because SSH is the protocol used. PuTTY is just one specific SSH client that is often used on Windows, but there are other clients, especially on non-Windows operating systems.)

According to the output you provided, a connection is being established, and then immediately closed, which would tend to rule out a firewall problem. Check, in the WebHost Manager, Home » Security Center » Host Access Control, and make sure that access is allowed via SSH for your IP address. All this function does, is it edits /etc/hosts.allow. Get your IP address, the one that should be allowed access, by browsing this site:


If the above does not help, your data center really should be able to help you with this. They can physically touch the server, which lets them work around any connectivity problem. I recommend asking your data center to look at this for you and help you access the server via SSH. The SSH daemon is part of the operating system, not part of cPanel, so it falls under the data center's umbrella of responsibility.