Understanding Backup For Restoration

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Aug 4, 2016
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I understand backups, but I don't quite understand the system files restore component.

So... if my server totally crashed, I would reload Centos, then reinstall WHM and then I could restore the system file backup which would put my system file settings back to what I have them... is that right?

After that I could then just restore each account backup to get them all working again.

Is that the gist of this?

I also have all my backups going to S3 in case of total SSD failure.

Question on the S3 -- can you restore if needed direct from S3? Will the auto delete feature work on external accounts, i.e. as it auto deletes older backups on the server, will it auto delete the same at S3 or is S3 self managed?

Sorry about the newb questions... just trying to understand in the event of catastrophic failure.


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Apr 11, 2011

It's generally not recommended to restore all system configuration files on a new server. These files are mostly intended for restoration locally (e.g. an administrator accidentally deletes /etc/passwd and needs to restore it). In most cases, the cPanel backups contain most of the necessary configuration data associated with the accounts. You would reinstall the OS and cPanel, configure your EasyApache profile, and update your configuration settings in WHM before restoring the accounts. You may find documents like this helpful for restoring some of the configuration files:

The cpconftool Script - Documentation - cPanel Documentation
EasyApache 4 - Create a profile - EasyApache 4 - cPanel Documentation

More information on system backups is available at:

System Backups - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You can't directly restore backups from a remote server, however we do offer documentation on doing this manually at:

Remote Restoration - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You can also vote and add feedback to the following feature request:

Restore from remote backups

Thank you.
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