Understanding SSL email connections


Oct 15, 2006
Central New Mexico
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Root Administrator
When I set up an IMAP email account in one of my cPanel accounts, a "Mail Client Manual Settings" email is generated. This recommends IMAP Port 993 for the incoming server and incoming server and SMTP Port 465 for the outgoing server for "Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)". When I set up to connect that account with Apple Mail, it automatically sets up the account as you would expect, but when I go into advanced settings, even though the "Use TLS/SSL" checkbox is checked for both the incoming and outgoing servers, the ports are set per the "Non-SSL Settings (Not Recommended)" settings in the Mail Client email generated when I set up the email account in cPanel.

My question is: If I leave the port settings as Apple Mail sets them (143 incoming and 587 outgoing) will I still have secure (encrypted) email connection to the server, or must I manually change them to the recommended 993 and 465? I'm not sure why Apple mail sets the ports to the "Non-Secure" settings even though "Use TLS/SSL" is checked. I'm just needing to know if I need to tell people using Apple Mail to manually change their port settings to 993, 465, if they want secure SSL email connections?