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Feb 19, 2013
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I've been looking at these two plugins and both seem to do the same thing, just that the Unixy plugin is paid. Given the low price, that's not an issue. I was just wondering in terms of performance and stability, which one is better ?

If any of you have used both of them, I'd appreciate some feedback, maybe a comparison with pro's and con's.

Thank you.


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Oct 26, 2006
Installed Unixy varnish+nginx on my new server and I like it. Had to edit one file to get the nginx whm tab to work, but other than that it's very easy to install.

Did some apachebench and I get about 8500 req/s on my 3 core VPS from varnish. Turned off varnish to see how many nginx static requests, and it was under 2000 which was a little bit of a surprise. Maybe need some tweeking.