UNLIMITED email quota - Anyway to remove this option yet?


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Mar 13, 2004
Sorry to bring this up again, but this has been a prolonged and very significant problem for our use of the cPanel system.

Currently we are having to migrate accounts from Redhat servers (due to Redhat's coming licensing fee increase), to CloudLinux servers.What I've noticed is, account after account we are finding scenarios like this --> An account has a few hundred MBs of server space taken up by their web space and database, but well over 80GB of email usage!

This radical email usage comes from people using IMAP, and forgetting about sent and trashed email and other IMAP directories on the server. One 80GB+ account we found has masses of junk email in 12 different UNLIMITED QUOTA email accounts, that is, junk and sent email copies dating a to 2007.

I know we can start cloning templates, but for various technical reasons this is out of the realm of possibilities for us.

All we need is a simple feature in WHM to specify a maximum limit that any single email account can have, or at least an option to remove the UNLIMITED option, i.e. to thereby force people to at least think about how much quota they will require for their email accounts, that is, instead of just clicking UNLIMITED and forgetting about it.

Makes sense. Right?

We have been requesting such a feature for literally years at this point in history.

My question now is: Would such a feature be technically impossible to achieve? Are the requests for such a feature dead in the water? Or is such a resolution actually on the way?

Thanks very much.