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Aug 17, 2005
In a subdirectory of a subdirectory I have a test site Im working on. Im tweaking it and trying to make it html 4.01 strict compliant and find that for some reason W3 wont read my character encoding from the .htaccess file I have included in the folder. I find that from changing my .shtml file extension to .html W3 (along with IE and FF) the character encoding is now being recognised. The thing is I dont want to use the .html extension for this site so I play around with .htaccess to find a way to have the encding work for .shtml.

As Im playing around, renaming the file back and forth from .html to .shtml and running compliance checks I find the file has become unresponsive with Cpanel.

'Show File Contents' gives me this error;

File Type: cannot open (yourfile.html)

Error opening yourfile.html: No such file or directory
'Delete' appears to function normally but does nothing. The files remains in place and does not appear in the trash

All 'file permissions' are set at 0 for some reason and I cannot change them, when i try I get the following error

a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive
When I attempt to 'rename' the file I get the following error;

Rename of yourfile.html failed because No such file or directory in

rcopy('/home/douge/public_html/testsites/modelsfrom/humblebee/yourfile.html', '/home/douge/public_html') failed: No such file or directory
'Move': same thing, 'html editor' draws a blank and when trying to open it it gives me a 404.

And yet the file still remains listed as being there.

Im hoping this isnt an indication of something more serious.

Anybody have any ideas why this has happened?
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