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Saurabh Dutt

Jun 22, 2015
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I am providing cPanel to my clients who want to host their website. whenever they try to login to cpanel or webmail, they are prompted with privacy issue. i want that the domains which are hosted to my server (with individual cpanels) should not be prompted to privacy issue when they access domain1.com/webmail or domain2.cpanel etc. I need to konw few things about it.
1. whether i want to install ssl for server, if yes, then do i need to issue certificate for server.domain.com or primary IP addresss
2. how to install that certificate in the server
3. all the domains hosted in the server thru whm will access the cpanel / whm / webmail through the sercured connection. Ex. 3 domains hosted, domain1.com/cpanel, domain2.com/cpanel and domain3.com/cpanel ned to be accessed without privacy prompt.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, as mentioned, you can install a signed/commercial SSL certificate for the cPanel/WHM/Webmail service via:

"WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates"

This will eliminate the untrusted warning messages, provided you configure a redirect to the "SSL Certificate Name" under the "Redirection" tab in "WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Tweak Settings". There's not yet support for a per-domain service SSL certificate for cpsrvd, but a feature request is open for it at:


Thank you.
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