Unusual situation occured today with PHP4.4.9


May 13, 2006
Our WHM server is currently running PHP4 version 4.4.9 that was updated this morning at 3AM. Since that time, all Joomla sites and a site running OpenX ad server stopped working, throwing an error that it couldn't connect to the database.

The server has PHP4 (default) and PHP5 on it. Whether a site uses PHP5 is set in the initial .htaccess file. All sites that were using PHP5 ran unaffected. We have a number of sites that have older CMS systems, and we are unsure about PHP5 compatibility with those sites, otherwise we would just default the server to PHP5.

Has anyone else experienced any problems with the latest PHP4.4.9? I know this is at end-of-life, but wondered if anyone else had any problems and what the solution was.