UPCP & Cron Daily Running more than once


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Apr 19, 2003
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi Yah,

Over the last few weeks I've started noticing that cron is running UPCP & the cron daily checks more than once a day.

Yesterday I received 5 emails from the server showing the UPCP updates and today I receive 6 emails showing me the output of the cron.daily routines that have been run... i.e clamav update etc etc.

I'm at a loss as to why it would be doing this, had a search through the forum to see if there was any mention of it happening elsewhere but no joy...nothing has changed with Cron jobs.

I have also noticed over the last few days since the latest cPanel updates that everytime UPCP runs it either hangs Apache or it continually stops and PRM keeps restarting it or Exim dies. What I've done to eliminate the problem is to stop UPCP automatically updating itself every night, everything has now been set to manual update and so far no Apache or Exim hang-ups.

My main concern now is to try and determine why it's only UPCP and the Cron Daily that's been emailed more than once, and if it's being mailed more than once is it running more than once? If so this would explain the reason for the sudden increase in loadings on the server at that time.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Forgot to say that it's not everyday that the multitude of emails come through it's rather intermittent