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Oct 14, 2003
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I´m having this problem:

I have running a BIG system made few years ago and the programmer is not working anymore.
The system store few data in mySQL database using gnupg encryption.
All was fine until few days ago, when the key expired. So i generate a new one and all was perfect. But...

The new gnugp key was generated under version 2.0.22 and the data stored in database is under gnugp 1.45
Then.. ALL new record is encrypted perfectly and appears in the database, but the archive of a LOT records are missing, because the system is not displaying the data encrypted with the old version.

My questions :

1 - is possible to dwongrade the GNUGP version to 1.45 in the server using cpanel + cloudlinux and then, re-generate the key using the old 1.45 version?
2 - or is possible to update the entire database to read the encrypted data wit the new key generated under the new version?
3 - or i´m doing something wrong ???



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Nov 14, 2017

It wouldn't be an easy process to downgrade since gnupg 1.4.X is not in the repository anymore (i.e., there's no downgrade path in the CentOS Base Repo). My Assumption is the issue is a result of the use of 2048bit RSA keys and the preference of SHA-256 over SHA-1

As far as conversion goes, I'd assume that you'd need to provision a new key that's compatible with the older data - you can read their documentation here: GPG Configuration Options (Using the GNU Privacy Guard)

Some further information here: GnuPG Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately though, this is something that you should work with a qualified system administrator on. If you don't have one available you might find one here: System Administration Services