update easyapache and all cgi's scripts fail


Apr 2, 2003

I have updated with the /scripts/easyapache script twice now and each time after it is finished all CGI scripts on the server fail to run (generic 500 Internal Server Error). Both times I have to reboot to fix the problem. Is it supposed to be like that?

I did try and restart the services serveral times. I'm on a FreeBSD 4.7 Release box with cPanel 6.4.2 - S85

Any way to fix this problem without rebooting?


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Apr 16, 2002
N.W. Iowa
check to see if you have suexec enabled, if so, disable it, then check your scripts. If they start working after you disable suexec, then that's the problem.

if you have suexec enable and wish to used it, you need to make sure each virtual host in the http.conf has a User and Group assigned, and the scripts are in folder chmoded 0755 like the /cgi-bin and the scripts are chmoded 0755. If you disable suexec this eliminates the need for these settings, but then your running your cgi scripts as "nobody"... which is not very secure, or you can utilize the cgiwrapper within the cpanel, creating a /scgi-bin folder which acts similar to using suexec.

Hope this may help.

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